The Brexit transition period has expired.

Implementing regulation now.

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Brexit in numbers:

Percent of German EU vehicle exports go to the UK
Mrd. EUR Exportvolumen Dtld. -> UK in 2019
Tsd. German citizens live in the UK
Branches of German companies in the UK

Data basis: Federal Statistical Office, VDA, Chamber of Foreign Trade, as of 2019

Brexit Checkup: Demo video – identify areas for action in 30 minutes

Brexit Checkup: Simply identify needs for action & initiate measures

Scorecard for quick actual-target comparisons on the status of Brexit preparation by core action areas.

Simple completion of the standard dimensions, recognizing whether work is being done on the right fields of action

Set and track actions based on identified BREXIT action needs.

Complete action planning for the implementation of BAIT and MaRisk, easy planning through interactive Gantt charts

Identify risks and key action areas per area through the use of heat maps

Optional heatmap display, e.g. for financial impact per area

BREXIT Framework & Fields of Action

Simple analysis through the Brexit framework

The Brexit framework developed by TB&A allows you to analyze the impact of Brexit per topic area. The effects are divided into legal, strategic, operational and financial effects.

Recommendations for action in the subject areas

Once the affectedness and impacts have been determined as part of the analysis, action requirements can be defined. You will be supported in this by recommendations on the individual measures. The recommendations are provided automatically as a template and can be adopted if required. This significantly reduces the effort required to record measures and external consultant costs. If additional measures are needed, they can be easily created and added by your company. Action management and tracking is tightly integrated into Brexit Checkup.

Logistics & goods traffic

Need for action

Implement internal customs processes, audit all supplier parts for future customs requirements, review critical supply chains and just-in-time processes, build contingency sourcing strategies for critical supplier parts.

Passenger transport

Need for action

Checking all foreign employees for obligation to apply for visas and work permits, checking new non-EU labor legislation, checking service provider contracts.

IT & Software

Need for action

Check for GDPR compliance of systems, check whether data exchange to an EU third country can be continued in the previous framework. Checking whether systems need to be decoupled, e.g. with client separation.

Products & Market Access

Need for action

Checking whether market access is still guaranteed or whether own products are subject to import or export regulations. Checking whether there are extended documentation requirements for placing products on the market as a result of Brexit.

Advantages of the Brexit Checkup for German companies

Simple impact analysis through predefined templates

Save yourself the effort of creating your own templates for Brexit issues. Predefined question templates allow you to determine the affectedness per core action area and start the impact analysis. The templates can be supplemented with your own questionnaires.

Visual evaluation of the results - better prioritization of the necessary measures

The Brexit Checkup comes with predefined graphs for quick evaluation of the current results. This enables decision-makers and managers to determine the status of action areas in real time and to take further necessary measures.

Define your own strategy - based on the results of the checkup

Check whether you really need to take immediate action in all areas of action and which are the most critical areas of action for your company. Don’t waste time on non-time-sensitive issues while negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom are still taking place.

Operationalize the implementation of the measures and responsibilities

Define measures in the fields of action and assign measures to the responsible persons. You can set firm deadlines and milestones, and identify delays in completing actions.

Cloud-based software, ready to use out of the box, unique content

The Brexit Checkup can be used immediately after ordering. We host in Germany, out of the box the Brexit Checkup contains sample templates to check the fields of action. Optionally, we provide sample measures per field of action to relieve you of as much effort as possible. The content is constantly updated by us so that you always have the latest information depending on the status of the Brexit negotiations.

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