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TopEase® GRC Platform

Challenge: Complex processes and information flows; increasing risks in supply chains, products and regulation

TopEase® meets these management challenges by performing three essential tasks to create an overall view of the company:

Recognize: TopEase® (Enterprise Platform) [GRC] masters all the elements that make up the existing enterprise environment, including processes, controls, risks, responsibilities, employee profiles, hardware, software and application interfaces, data, contracts and compliance obligations, etc..
Assign: TopEase® assigns these elements and their relationships to each other, for example which controls belong to which business processes or which systems support which business processes. Likewise, gaps are highlighted if, for example, no responsible employee has been named for a particular process.
Visualize: TopEase® generates diagrams of the corporate landscape which can be tailored to the respective user roles and interests. Therefore, a risk manager can look at any gaps in compliance processes, while a subject matter expert can visualize the relevant process flow to see how it supports business customers, for example.

Smart Dashboards

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Holistic lifecycle support

Everything from a single source - through Business-DNA's partnership with ThiemeBieg & Associates

Faster release cycles and the implementation of customer wishes for more intensive support and an extended range of services are made possible by the partnership between Business-DNA and ThiemeBieg: In future, Business-DNA, as a software factory, will focus on the creation, implementation and technical maintenance of TopEase. ThiemeBieg takes over the distribution, trains the TopEase® customers, takes over the professional service up to the new offer of digital catalogs on laws, risks & measures via the ThiemeBieg:ContentService.

Your added value
      • Manufacturer-level performance through close partnership and resource sharing with business DNA
      • Improved and intensified customer service
      • Extended range of services up to and including outsourced operation of TopEase®.
      • More efficient operation of TopEase® through the digital catalogs of the ContentService
      • Elimination of service provider risk through long-term partner in cooperation with the manufacturer


Software made in Switzerland

Our partner Business-DNA has been creating innovative governance, risk and compliance systems for over 20 years. As a software factory, all products of the TopEase® platform are developed in-house. We are pleased to work with Business-DNA as a preferred partner.