Strategy. Operation. Transformation.

ThiemeBieg & Associates stands for digital enterprise management. With our expertise and assets, we support companies in all issues related to corporate strategy, strategy operationalization and transformation of our clients. As a founder and entrepreneur, you will benefit from our own experience and hands-on mentality, and our experience in building digital business models and services when defining your company’s strategy. We support the operationalization of the strategy by defining concrete and measurable goals. We identify the main lines of action and take into account the existing capabilities of the organization and those that need to be built up. As part of transformation management, we provide operational support for the transformation of our customers. Holistic change management and the mapping and tracking of the entire transformation processes in TopEase® Transformation Manager guarantee transparency and efficient governance.


Currently, the topics of digital business models and services, Covid-19 pandemic, and enterprise automation dominate the daily lives of top corporate management. We support our clients in the issues of future strategic direction, and provide executives with tools to operationalize corporate strategy through our asset-based consulting approach.

In particular, we advise on the following strategic issues:

      • Business strategy
      • Management of the corporate portfolio at Group level
      • Digital alignment of the company and corporate processes
      • New business models (tokenization, recurring services, data-oriented services)
      • Strategic investment decisions (ventures, management buyouts)


The strategic alignment as well as the current situation such as the Brexit leads to operational challenges in companies: Securing supply chains during Brexit, managing suppliers, complying with laws and regulations to increasing operational excellence. These challenges have a significant impact on processes and IT systems in companies. For example, the necessary process adjustments and the introduction of additional control bodies for the implementation of new laws (e.g., the crisis regulation) sometimes lead to considerable additional work in companies.

We provide support in particular in the following operational areas

      • Governance, Risk und Compliance (GRC)
      • Process and asset management
      • Supply-Chain Management
      • Vendor-Management
      • Enterprise Architecture Management


Transformation is an integral part of the further development of companies. Examples are transformations in the IT building through an ERP implementation, implementation of efficiency or restructuring programs to save costs or secure liquidity, up to strategic rebuilding of companies in the context of Post-Merger Integrations (PMI). We consider risk-based governance to be a critical success factor in the implementation of major transformations. In addition to steering, our expertise lies in the design and operational implementation (tracking, measure design, risks, etc.) of global transformation programs.

We provide support in the following areas in particular:

      • Design and operational execution of cost optimization and efficiency programs in the business
      • Realignment of the enterprise IT landscape with the business on the basis of capabilities, support for IT transformation
      • Restructuring and repositioning of business units
      • Integration of business units, processes and systems e.g. in the context of PMIs
      • Integration of startups in corporate environments